TreeMap, TreeSet

Bryce McKinlay
Tue Feb 13 20:32:00 GMT 2001

This patch adds my TreeMap and TreeSet implementations, which are
based on the classpath code but largely rewritten. To the best of my
knowledge, our collections framework is now 100% complete and correct
wrt the JDK 1.3 spec. Wahoo!

These implementations pass all the example cases from the JCL as well
as MapBash and SetBash from and serialization
interoperability tests. It doesn't pass kaffe's MapTest but I think
that bug is elsewhere...

I will also commit this to the branch soon, and resync all of our
collections changes back to classpath.

By the way for future reference I don't recommend trying and implement
and/or understand the red-black algorithm ;-)


  [ bryce ]

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