Patch: switch to __builtin_alloca

Bryce McKinlay
Mon Feb 12 14:47:00 GMT 2001

Jeff Sturm wrote:

> If g77 gets built by default, why not gcj?  (We used to get chill if we forget
> --enable-languages for heavens sake.)

I agree, but the problem is that libjava still has libtool issues (ie the
"argument list too long" on Irix and the "can't find java.lang" problem), these
really need to be solved before we can build everywhere. Also I'm guessing we'd
need to make sure that the GC and libffi builds abort gracefully on platforms they
can't support.

One option I was considering proposing was to have only C & C++ built by default,
but have an "--enable-languages=all" option which switches on all languages
without having to specify them explicitly. It actually looks like this has existed
at some point in the past, but it doesn't work any more.


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