libiberty: V3 ABI Java symbol demangling

Daniel Berlin
Sat Jan 27 08:41:00 GMT 2001

On Sun, 28 Jan 2001, Bryce McKinlay wrote:

> The changeover to the V3 ABI broke Java symbol demangling in GDB. This
> patch changes cplus_demangle() to use the V3 ABI demangling code for
> Java symbols. cplus_demangle_v3 doesn't know how to output symbols in
> Java-style yet, but C++ style is definitely better than nothing.
> ok to commit?

Wait just a second.

Why don't you add the approriate code to make JAVA demangling work with
AUTO_DEMANGLING, rather than add another case?

Won't this break old-abi java demangling?

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