Old patch for DataInpuStream from Classpath

Warren Levy warrenl@cygnus.com
Thu Jan 25 13:08:00 GMT 2001

On Thu, 25 Jan 2001, Mark Wielaard wrote:

> The following patch was made last month to the Classpath version of
> java.io.InputStream but was not applied to the libgcj version.
> OK to commit?
> 2000-12-09  Bryce McKinlay  <bryce@albatross.co.nz>
>     * java/io/DataInputStream.java (readBoolean): Use convertToBoolean().

Looks fine to me; I've cc'ed Bryce in case he had a reason to not put it 
in libgcj. 

In general we like to keep things in sync (BTW, it looks like some other
commits have gotten comments out of sync so please make sure the latest
version in both libgcj and Classpath match up when you do this).

Thanks for catching this!

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