[PATCH] New C++ ABI compatibility changes.

Bryce McKinlay bryce@albatross.co.nz
Mon Jan 15 22:48:00 GMT 2001

Alexandre Petit-Bianco wrote:

> Bryce McKinlay writes:
> > This looks good. Another cleanup which can be done is to use more
> > natural types for the arguments to the constructor, and get rid of
> > the jbyte, jobject, etc casts.
> I wish, it's harder than it seems: omeone originally captured the
> restrictions in a comment:
>   // FIXME: calling convention is weird.  If we use the natural types
>   // then the compiler will complain because they aren't Java types.

Aah, of course. That was fixable with the copy constructor scheme since
the argument types used for init_prim_class didn't matter. But obviously
c++ complains about passing non-java types to a constructor for a java


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