PipedInputStream PipedOutputStream PipedReader PipedWriter

Bryce McKinlay
Fri Jan 5 15:30:00 GMT 2001

Tom Tromey wrote:

> >>>>> "Bryce" == Bryce McKinlay <> writes:
> Bryce> The Piped I/O classes we inherited from classpath were somewhat
> Bryce> broken (especially PipedReader/PipedWriter). These new
> Bryce> implementations are much simpler and hopefully less buggy -
> Bryce> they work for my code and pass all the test cases I found (JCL,
> Bryce> Kaffe, Classpath).
> There are some Mauve tests too.
> BTW I noticed in the Reader classes you replaced synchronized(lock)
> with synchronization on the pipe itself.  This seems wrong.  I thought
> Readers were always supposed to synchronize on their lock object.

Good point. Thats because I did PipedReader/Writer by copying the code
from PipedInputStream/OutputStream and doing a few search & replaces on
it ;-)

I'm checking in this fix:

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