Patch: RoundRectangle2D

Tom Tromey
Sun Dec 3 17:07:00 GMT 2000

Bryce> Cool, good to see some progress on the AWT stuff. I've been
Bryce> wanting to get back to work on the gtk peers for a while, but I
Bryce> want to finish off the collections work first...

Have you seen a recent collections regression?  I can't compile
TreeMap right now -- but I could last week.

Bryce> There is an argument that using the accessors is more correct
Bryce> in case somebody overrides them, but if override setX(), for
Bryce> example, then you really need to call super.setX() as well in
Bryce> order to do anything useful.

Thia makes sense to me.  Thanks.  I agree that we should just use the
fields directly.  In some cases, though, this will mean moving methods
into subclasses (eg Rectangle2D doesn't have any fields -- they are
always in subclasses).

The geom.*2D stuff bugs me.  It is a poor excuse for parameterized
types.  Doing it by hand means extra maintenance burden for us.


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