PATCH: java.util.Collections and java.util.Vector

Anthony Green
Wed Nov 22 15:49:00 GMT 2000

On Wednesday, November 22, 2000 10:20 AM, Tom Tromey [] 
> Hey Bryce.  Were the old libgcj and Classpath Vector classes very
> different?

They must have been.  Bryce says Vector is now 1.3 compatible.  On last check, 
our Vector class was missing the following:

	protected void removeRange(int, int);
	public boolean add(java.lang.Object);
	public boolean addAll(int, java.util.Collection);
	public boolean addAll(java.util.Collection);
	public boolean containsAll(java.util.Collection);
	public boolean equals(java.lang.Object);
	public boolean removeAll(java.util.Collection);
	public boolean retainAll(java.util.Collection);
	public int hashCode();
	public java.lang.Object get(int);
	public java.lang.Object remove(int);
	public java.lang.Object set(int, java.lang.Object);
	public java.lang.Object toArray()[];
	public java.lang.Object toArray(java.lang.Object[])[];
	public java.util.List subList(int, int);
	public java.util.Vector(java.util.Collection);
	public void add(int, java.lang.Object);
	public void clear();


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