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Alexandre Oliva
Sun Nov 19 17:04:00 GMT 2000

On Nov 19, 2000, Alexandre Petit-Bianco <> wrote:

> Alexandre Oliva writes:

>> I had to bring some changes from and configure too.
>> Because my set-up is GCC-centric, I haven't tested this patch, so
>> I'd appreciate if someone with a libgcj-centric set-up could give it
>> a try, before I check it in and break everything again :-) Thanks!

> I will. But I doubt I'll be able to do it this week-end. I'll try to
> give you an answer by the beginning of next week.

No need to hurry.  It's just a merge.  Besides, whenever libgcj moves
into the GCC repo, it will happen anyway :-)

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