Merge java.util.jar code indentation with Classpath

Bryce McKinlay
Sun Nov 19 14:23:00 GMT 2000

Mark Wielaard wrote:

> P.S. Bryce, I used your gnu-indent java patch to verify that the result of
> indenting the libgcj version was the same as what is in Classpath now.
> (And found a few code fixes that I forgot to add to Classpath. Oops...)
> I got a few small diferences (it indented the copyright notice with 3 space,
> it inserted a new line after a class definition and at the beginning of some
> methods and some very long method definitions were broken in two lines)
> Did you use any options to indent?

Yeah - I ended up using "indent -nfc1 -npcs". This should stop it indenting the
copyright notice at least (while still hopefully fixing up javadoc comments).

I manually deleted the extra newlines in a few cases.


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