PATCH: libgcj -vs- libstdc++-v3

Olivier Louchart-Fletcher
Thu Oct 12 21:39:00 GMT 2000

On 12 Oct 2000, Tom Tromey wrote:

> Bryce> With this patch I have built a working libgcj against a new
> Bryce> compiler configured with "--enable-libstdcxx-v3"
> This patch looks fine.

Thanks Bryce, I will use it as soon as gcc compile. The CVS snapshot of
today now segfault on me!!! It didn't yesterday, have to find out...

> Bryce> libgcj won't work with compilers configured with the "old"
> Bryce> libstdc++ any more, unless we link libgcj against libstdc++,
> Bryce> because the "old" libstdc++ doesn't have a separate libsupc++
> Bryce> at all.
> Will v3 be the default in gcc 3.0?  That is what matters, I think.

I am not at all an expert but according to the doc coming with 

  "As the libstdc++-v3 sources and core GCC sources have converged, more
   and more effort goes to building the library as the default version to
   be shipped with g++. With the 2.90.8 snapshot, and  especially for CVS
   versions after this release, this is treated as the usual scenario."

So I would assume that gcc 3.0 would have v3 by default.



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