gcj --main error??

Jeff Sturm jeff.sturm@appnet.com
Mon Oct 9 17:14:00 GMT 2000

Tom Tromey wrote:
> One thing to do is find out where the missing reference to the
> `class$' field is coming from.  Then you might be able to find out why
> it isn't being satisfied.

>From Arno's first message it looks as though the missing reference comes from
the output of jvgenmain, which now generates class declarations as:

extern int class __attribute__ ((alias ("_Q43gnu3gcj7convert7Convert.class$")));

This symbol should be resolved in libjava/gnu/gcj/convert/Convert.o.

Is there any chance FreeBSD can't handle `.' or `$' in identifier names? 
(Doesn't FreeBSD use GNU binutils?)

Jeff Sturm

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