Using multi-language libtool

Tom Tromey
Tue May 30 12:09:00 GMT 2000

Alexandre> I also figured my patch depends on CVS automake's
Alexandre> AM_PROG_GCJ.  I can easily add a fallback definition of
Alexandre> this macro to libjava/acinclude.m4, if we'd rather not move
Alexandre> to CVS automake.  Or even define AC_PROG_GCJ, since
Alexandre> multi-language libtool supports both.  But I should note
Alexandre> that I've been testing all this stuff with CVS automake, so
Alexandre> it would take some further testing or Makefile hacking if
Alexandre> we're supposed to be using automake 1.4, or no automake at
Alexandre> all.  What's the currently recommended solution?  Could we
Alexandre> move to some snapshot of CVS automake?

Right now we use a mildly hacked version of automake 1.4, except for
libffi, where chaos reigns.  I'd prefer to fix libffi and have
everything use an unhacked, publically available version of automake.
(Really I'd like to release 1.5, but it is clear that isn't going to
happen any time soon.)


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