Using multi-language libtool

Alexandre Oliva
Sun May 28 16:51:00 GMT 2000

On May 28, 2000, Tom Tromey <> wrote:

> So once the bugs are fixed, feel free to check this in if it works.

Just after I posted it, I realized Ossama Othman had already posted a
patch that fixed the only remaining problem.  After installing his
patch, everything just worked!

I also figured my patch depends on CVS automake's AM_PROG_GCJ.  I can
easily add a fallback definition of this macro to
libjava/acinclude.m4, if we'd rather not move to CVS automake.  Or
even define AC_PROG_GCJ, since multi-language libtool supports both.
But I should note that I've been testing all this stuff with CVS
automake, so it would take some further testing or Makefile hacking if
we're supposed to be using automake 1.4, or no automake at all.
What's the currently recommended solution?  Could we move to some
snapshot of CVS automake?

> BTW how will this affect a possible merge of the libgcj and gcc trees?

Hopefully, it we'll be able to convince the GCC folks (and possibly
even the Sourceware's src folks) to adopt the unreleased libtool, as
long as it works.

This last step in the integration of the multi-language libtool into
libgcj will allow me to add libgcj to my weekly builds&tests of GCC
snapshots, so I'll have it tested on about two dozens platforms in the
next few weeks, as soon as we start having GCC snapshots again.  (Some
of my testing hosts are too painfully slow to spin builds of changing
CVS trees, so I only bootstrap GCC snapshots on them.)

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