Using multi-language libtool

Alexandre Oliva
Sun May 28 05:35:00 GMT 2000

This is a patch I had promised a long time ago, that fixes all issues
related with libtool's not passing -B and -m flags to gcc for
compiling and/or linking.  The solution is to use the multi-language

Unfortunately, at this very moment, the libtool CVS tree fails to link
executables out of libtool objects, so jv-convert fals to link.  But
the patch in itself is correct, and will work fine as soon as the
multi-language libtool is fixed (hopefully, in a couple of minutes).

I'm not including the libtool-related patches in this patch, because
it would make it needlessly huge and useless, since further changes in
libtool will be required.

Do you like it?

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