Patch: Bitmap descriptor GC marking

Bryce McKinlay
Sun May 7 16:35:00 GMT 2000

Tom Tromey wrote:

> Bryce> +  if (klass->vtable->method[1] != ObjectClass.vtable->method[1])
> Bryce>  struct _Jv_VTable
> Bryce>  {
> Bryce>    jclass clas;
> Bryce> -  void *method[1];
> Bryce> +  void *gc_descr;
> Bryce> +  void *method[];
> Bryce>  };
> These two changes conflict.  This is why finalization doesn't work.

Duh! Thanks.

> I've really been wanting to make this second change, and get rid of
> the magic constant "1" in the first change, for a long time.  But
> unfortunately it isn't an entirely trivial change to make.  We have to
> There are also pieces in array class creation that need to change.
> It's possible there's other code around, which I've convenient
> forgotten right now, which has to deal with this stuff too.  Gross.

There is some interpreter code in that needs to change. I think
the array class creation is okay, given that I already changed it to copy
vtable->gc_descr explicitly.


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