PPC issues

Tom Tromey tromey@cygnus.com
Sun Apr 23 19:02:00 GMT 2000

Jeff> What exactly was the problem with GC_dlopen?  (Sorry if I missed
Jeff> it in an earlier message.)  Can you post error output?

boehm-gc/gc.h doesn't define DYNAMIC_LINKING for PPC Linux.  This
causes problems.  I have a patch for this that I'll check in later.

Jeff> I never even heard of multilib before joining java-discuss.  I
Jeff> think it comes from the Cygnus tree.  (Somebody from Red Hat
Jeff> feel free to correct me here.)

It might have originated at Cygnus, but it isn't just a Cygnus thing.
multilibs are used to allow a single compiler to generate code for
multiple ABIs (e.g., both little- and big-endian MIPS).  In this case
the target libraries are configured for each commonly-used ABI.

Jeff> The effect of multilib is target dependent.  On Alpha/Linux it
Jeff> creates two target directories, one with "normal" floating point
Jeff> and one with IEEE-conformant fp.

I tried an alpha linux build yesterday but it didn't multilib for me.


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