PATCH: Boolean.valueOf(), String.equalsIgnoreCase(), String.concat()

Bryce McKinlay
Thu Dec 2 03:33:00 GMT 1999

Two of these fixes were required to get Volano running.
Boolean.valueOf() and String.equalsIgnoreCase() should both return false
when given a null argument. I have verified this against the JDK's
behavior. We should probibly sit down and audit java.lang for these
bugs, there are likely to be more...

Also, the JDK 1.2 doc says for String.concat() "If the length of the
argument string is 0, then this String object is returned.". The current
implementation doesn't seem to do this.

OK to commit?


  [ bryce ]

1999-12-02  Bryce McKinlay  <>

        * java/lang/ (equalsIgnoreCase): return false if
        anotherString is null.
        (concat): return `this' if argument has zero length.
        * java/lang/ (valueOf): return FALSE if argument is

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