Current libgcj tree has big problems with arrays -- interpreter related?

Anthony Green
Wed Aug 18 14:02:00 GMT 1999

Kresten wrote:
> I just commited a major update which, among other things, fixes this
> problem.   The other things changed are:


I haven't tried building yet, but just from reading your ChangeLog...

	(_Jv_InternClassStrings): Use _Jv_ResolvePoolEntry.  Also handle
	class entries.   

_Jv_InternClassStrings (now _Jv_PrepareCompiledClass) doesn't use
_Jv_ResolvePoolEntry, but reimplements most of it.

Your comment in doesn't finish explaining this...

/** This function does class-preparation for compiled classes.  
    NOTE: This function replicates functionality from
    _Jv_ResolvePoolEntry, and this is intentional, since that function

It's best if you can post any patches you commit, so we can easily see
all of your good work.  :-)



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