Current libgcj tree has big problems with arrays -- interpreter related?

Kresten Krab Thorup
Wed Aug 18 07:33:00 GMT 1999

I just commited a major update which, among other things, fixes this
problem.   The other things changed are:

* New ClassLoader implementation, which is a skeleton 1.2
  implementation (i.e., without any of the 1.2 security stuff).
* Implementation of jar URL's, and the jar "protocol".

* Implementation of getResource and friends.

* In the interpreter, a redo of the PUSH macros, so that they do not
  involve a temporary variable.

* Clean-up of JvRunmain, it now exists in two distinct
  implementations: one which specifies the start-class as an actual
  class (the original), and one for which the first argument is the
  name of the class to load.  The latter is used for gij.

1999-08-18  Kresten Krab Thorup  <>

	* java/lang/ (_Jv_PrepareCompiledClass): Renamed
	from _Jv_InternClassStrings.   

	* (_Jv_RunMain): New function.
	(JvRunMain): Remove gij-support.

	* (main): Use _Jv_RunMain.

	* java/util/zip/ Call readDirectory in constructor.

	argument in temp variable.
	(continue1): For all op_x2y insns, use temp variable for
	intermediate value.  Also remove some comments.

	* java/lang/ (newInstance): Call _Jv_InitClass.
	(forName): Don't call _Jv_InitClass.

	* java/lang/ (getResource,getResourceAsStream): Implement.

	* java/util/zip/ (ZipEntry(ZipEntry)): New construcor.

	* java/util/jar/ New file.

	* java/util/jar/ New file.

	* java/util/jar/ New file.

	* java/net/ New file.

	* java/net/ New file.

	* gnu/gcj/protocol/jar/ New file.

	* gnu/gcj/protocol/jar/ New file.

	* java/security/ New file.

	* java/lang/ (parent): New variable.
	(ClassLoader (ClassLoader)): new constructor.  
	(findClass): New method.
	(loadClass): Add default 1.2 implementation.
	(getSystemResourceAsBytes, getResourceAsBytes): Removed.
	(readfully): Removed.

	* gnu/gcj/runtime/ Moved from java/lang. 
	(findSystemClass): New method.
	(VMClassLoader): Constructor rewritten.
	(init): New method.
	All other methods removed.
	* java/lang/ Change use of java::lang::VMClassLoader
	to gnu::gcj::runtime::VMClassLoader. 
	(_Jv_InternClassStrings): Use _Jv_ResolvePoolEntry.  Also handle
	class entries.   
	(VMClassLoader::findSystemClass): renamed from findBootClass.

	* Add new files.
	(FirstThread.h, ThreadGroup.h): Add _Jv_Main friend.

	* Rebuilt.

 Kresten Krab Thorup
 Department of Computer Science, University of Aarhus
 Aabogade 34, DK-8200 Aarhus N, Denmark
 +45 8942 5665

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