Boehm GC import

Tom Tromey
Mon Jul 19 12:31:00 GMT 1999

>>>>> "Alexandre" == Alexandre Oliva <> writes:

>> I've imported version 4.14 of the Boehm GC into libgcj/boehm-gc
>> in case anybody (Alexandre :-) wants to extract patches for new
>> ports in 4.14 for possible inclusion in the 2.95 branch.

Alexandre> I hope it's not too late.

It isn't.

Alexandre> With this simple patch, libgcj now builds and apparently runs on
Alexandre> GNU/Linux/sparc.  There's also a hunk that selects HEURISTIC2 for
Alexandre> Solaris 7/sparc, as in version 4.14.

I applied this to the branch, but not the trunk.
On the trunk we'll be merging in 4.14 (or 4.15a1) in the
not-too-distant future.


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