More C type errors by default for GCC 14

Richard Earnshaw (lists)
Mon May 15 13:14:09 GMT 2023

On 12/05/2023 13:30, Jakub Jelinek via Gcc wrote:
> On Fri, May 12, 2023 at 11:33:01AM +0200, Martin Jambor wrote:
>>> One fairly big GCC-internal task is to clear up the C test suite so that
>>> it passes with the new compiler defaults.  I already have an offer of
>>> help for that, so I think we can complete this work in a reasonable time
>>> frame.
> I'd prefer to keep at least significant portion of those tests as is with
> -fpermissive added (plus of course we need new tests that verify the errors
> are emitted), so that we have some testsuite coverage for those.

Whilst there is historical precedent for -fpermissive, I have to say 
that I don't like it.  The problem is that it is too imprecise as to 
what it means (and changes over time).  It also becomes the lazy way to 
paper over the problems being exposed and, in future, may mean that 
other (perhaps more important) issues that are detectable will be 
silently ignored if it becomes widely used.


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