More C type errors by default for GCC 14

Martin Jambor
Fri May 12 09:33:01 GMT 2023


On Tue, May 09 2023, Florian Weimer via Gcc wrote:
> TL;DR: This message is about turning implicit-int,
> implicit-function-declaration, and possibly int-conversion into errors
> for GCC 14.

FWIW, I personally support the proposal.

Regarding the huge discussion that ensued, I would just like to point
out that the proposal is put forward by people from organizations which
are huge users of GCC and know perfectly well the transition will be
painful and yet are prepared face it, for reasons that were nicely
explained by Florian.  AFAIK, we at SUSE share the sentiment.


> Regarding mechanics of the necessary opt out facility, Clang used
> -Werror=… by default, but that seems a bit hackish to me.  Presently, we
> cannot use -std=gnu89 etc. to opt out because there are packages which
> require both C89-only language features and C99-style inlining, which is
> currently not a combination supported by GCC (but maybe that could be
> changed).  Some build systems do not treat CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS as fully
> separate, and a flag approach that works for C and C++ without
> introducing any new warnings would be most convenient.  So maybe we
> could use -fpermissive for C as well.

I like -fpermissive, but the -Wno-error-... options are actually quite
intuitive, perhaps we could do both?  But I do not have a strong

> One fairly big GCC-internal task is to clear up the C test suite so that
> it passes with the new compiler defaults.  I already have an offer of
> help for that, so I think we can complete this work in a reasonable time
> frame.

So, a note to all users of cvise, creduce, delta etc.: Add appropriate
-Werror flags to your checking scripts so that we don't add more of this :-)

Thanks for putting effort into this.


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