More C type errors by default for GCC 14

Christian Groessler
Fri May 12 08:45:48 GMT 2023

On 5/12/23 09:53, Eli Zaretskii via Gcc wrote:
>> With all that to consider, is it *really* a significant cost to add
>> -fpermissive?
> See above (and my earlier message): the significant cost is to
> discover the root cause of the problem, and that -fpermissive is the
> solution.  The rest might be relatively easier, at least in some
> projects.

-fpermissive seems to be posted as the standard solution in this thread,

I don't know what constructs it allows, but it might enable things the 
user doesn't want besides silencing this new change.

So it seems to be more effort than to "just add -fpermissive" to get the 
code to compile again.

Think about big code bases where many developers are working on in 
different areas.


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