More C type errors by default for GCC 14

Eli Schwartz
Thu May 11 03:14:20 GMT 2023

> Unfortunately, we do not have the source code for our compiler.  Would
> you care to ask people here to restore `gcc -traditional'?

This would appear to be a self-inflicted wound. If I understand the
chain of events properly...

- gcc drops support for -traditional

- you wish to use code that does the badness

- you purchase a proprietary compiler that permits it anyway
  - to avoid making it produce invalid results, you hack your linker

You'd rather hack your compiler, but you cannot do it because you
purchased a proprietary compiler and didn't purchase the rights to its
source code.

(BTW, there's a FOSS compiler that you can hack on if you like.)

That's all fine and well, you do you. What I do not understand is, two

First of all, why are you calling this "traditional C"? It is not
"traditional C". It isn't C. It is not-C.

Second of all, why is this GCC's problem? You are not a user of GCC,

Moreover, this discussion is not about -traditional! It's about
implicit-function-declaration. And implicit-function-declaration does
not have the same problem as -traditional, because
implicit-function-declaration ***WILL*** have a flag that permits people
who are users of GCC, and just want implicit-function-declaration back.

So you have exactly what you want out of this conversation. We concede.
C type errors by default will come with a flag to disable them.

Eli Schwartz

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