Welcome GCC GSoC 2023 participants

Martin Jambor mjambor@suse.cz
Fri May 5 12:53:45 GMT 2023


I am pleased to announce that again we will have six contributors
working on GCC as part of their Google Summer of Code (GSoC) projects
in 2023!  In no particular order:

- Benjamin Priour will be "Extending gcc -fanalyzer C++ support for
  self-analysis."  and the project will be mentored by David Malcolm.

- Eric Feng will be working on "Porting cpychecker to a -fanalyzer
  plugin" and his mentor will also be David Malcolm.

- Ken Matsui will look into C++ and in particular will "Implement
  compiler built-in traits for the standard library traits."  This
  project will be mentored by Patrick Palka.

- Muhammad Mahad will be "Improving user errors" in our new Rust
  front-end and will be mentored by Arthur Cohen and Philip Herron.

- Raiki Tamura has succeeded with a project to "Support Unicode in GCC
  Rust front-end" and the project will also be mentored by Arthur
  Cohen and Philip Herron.

- Rishi Raj will be workin on a project to "Bypass assembler when
  generating LTO object files" in that effort will be mentored by Jan
  Hubička and myself.

I'd like to congratulate all of them for putting together really solid
proposals and wish them best of luck with their projects.

The GSoC program has now entered its "community bonding period" which
lasts until May 28th.  During this time, contributors should get in
touch with their mentors unless you have already done so and probably
start looking quite a bit more at GCC in general.

In the initial discussion with your mentors, please take a while to
talk about the time-frame of your project.  If you are happy with the
standard 12 week duration (mid-term evaluation deadline on July 14th,
final deadline on August 28th) you do not need to do anything.  The
program can however also accommodate non-standard schedules, see the
options at:

If you want to change the duration of your project, first please reach
an agreement with your mentor and then email me and/or other GSoC
Org-admins.  The change can be done at any point in the program but note
that it will not affect any evaluation which has already started.  (In
the case of the standard schedule this means that an Org-admin has to
enter the change before July 10 to affect the mid-term evaluation and
before August 21st to affect the final evaluation).

Because GCC targets many computer platforms, you may also find it very
useful to get an account on the compile farm so that you can test your
code on a variety of architectures.  For more details, see

I'd also like to ask all six accepted contributors to take a few
minutes to familiarize themselves with the legal pre-requisites that
we have for contributing.  There are two options.  The much simpler
one is that copyright remains with you but you provide a "Developer
Certificate of Origin" for your contributions.  You can do that by
adding a "Signed-off-by:" tag to all your patches.  The second option
is to assign your copyright to the Free Software Foundation (if anyone
wants to do this, please let me know and I will help).  More
information about both is at:

Last but not least, feel free to raise any question you may have on an
appropriate mailing list (https://gcc.gnu.org/lists.html) or say hi to
us on the gcc development IRC channel

If you have any concerns or questions regarding the organizational part
of GSoC 2023 or just don't know who else to reach out to, feel free to
contact me throughout the duration of the program.

Once more, congratulations and good luck!


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