GSOC 2023 Contribution Request

Kritika Rag
Mon Feb 13 13:34:49 GMT 2023

Hello Sir/Mam,

I’m Kritika Rag, a Computer Science pre-final year undergraduate student
from India. I’m quite passionate about web development and competitive
programming and now I’m looking forward to contributing to open-source
projects. I believe that GSOC 2023 would provide me with the best way to
start my open-source contribution journey.

Since I’m a competitive programmer, I have excellent command over Data
Structures & Algorithms and my primary language is C++, so C++ and GCC are
something that I use daily, therefore I would love to make my contributions
to GCC projects. After going through all the projects listed on GCC Wiki
<>, these are the
projects(any one of them) to which I would like to contribute:

   1. Bug Patrol and primarily Analyze Failing Test Cases – Whether I'm
   practicing algorithms on Leetcode, GFG, etc., or giving CP contests on
   CodeChef, Codeforces, etc., Test case failures are something I encounter
   daily. Working on the project would be an interesting dig for me to learn
   about the inner workings of something that I see daily and make
   improvements to it.
   2.  Library Infrastructure - As quoted *"These tasks are about improving
   the utility routine library used by GCC. If you like data structures, these
   may be for you", *and being a data structures enthusiast I do believe
   that I'll be able to put my best knowledge to use in this project.

Lastly, thank you so much for providing these opportunities, I would be
grateful if you would provide me the opportunity to work with your
organization. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks and Regards,
Kritika Rag

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