libquadmath, glibc, and the Q format flag

Florian Weimer
Wed Feb 1 10:56:42 GMT 2023

I recently discovered that libquadmath registers custom printf callbacks
on load.  As far as I can tell, this is done so that the Q format flag
can be used to print floating point numbers, using format strings such
as "%Qf".  To enable Q flag processing, libquadmath has to register
replacements for all floating point format specifiers (aAeEfFgG).

Unfortunately, this has the side effect that even with out the Q flag,
printing any floating point number enters a generic, slow path in glibc,
prior to the number formatting itself.  The effect is quite pronounced.
For example this admittedly silly benchmarking script

    for i=1,5000000 do
        print(i, i * math.pi)

runs for 5.8 seconds without loaded on my x86-64
system.  With from GCC 12 loaded, it runs for 6.3

This impacts most (all?) Fortran code on GNU/Linux because libgfortran
depends on libquadmath.

Would it make sense to transplant the implementation of the Q specifier
from libquadmath to glibc, and disable the registration code in
libquadmath if glibc is recent enough?  At least for the targets that
today have float128 support in glibc?


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