libsanitizer: sync from master

Florian Weimer
Wed Apr 26 18:31:10 GMT 2023

* Martin Liška:

> On 11/15/22 16:47, Martin Liška wrote:
>> Hi.
>> I've just pushed libsanitizer update that was tested on x86_64-linux and ppc64le-linux systems.
>> Moreover, I run bootstrap on x86_64-linux and checked ABI difference with abidiff.
> Hello.
> And I've done the same now and merged upstream version 3185e47b5a8444e9fd.

So … we have the issue that involves interceptors outside of,
namely crypt, crypt_r, and I posted an upstream patch for this:

  sanitizers: Disable crypt, crypt_r interceptors for glibc

Can we just apply this downstream for now?  It blocks various folks from
using the sanitizers in their projects.


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