[RFC PATCH] driver: unfilter default library path [PR 104707]

Michael Matz matz@suse.de
Thu Apr 6 15:58:43 GMT 2023


On Thu, 6 Apr 2023, Shiqi Zhang wrote:

> Currently, gcc delibrately filters out default library paths "/lib/" and
> "/usr/lib/", causing some linkers like mold fails to find libraries.

If linkers claim to be a compatible replacement for other linkers then 
they certainly should behave in a similar way.  In this case: look into 
/lib and /usr/lib when something isn't found till then.

> This behavior was introduced at least 31 years ago in the initial
> revision of the git repo, personally I think it's obsolete because:
>  1. The less than 20 bytes of saving is negligible compares to the command
>     line argument space of most hosts today.

That's not the issue that is solved by ignoring these paths in the driver 
for %D/%I directives.  The issue is (traditionally) that even if the 
startfiles sit in /usr/lib (say), you don't want to add -L/usr/lib to the 
linker command line because the user might have added -L/usr/local/lib 
explicitely into her link command and depending on order of spec file 
entries the -L/usr/lib would be added in front interacting with the 
expectations of where libraries are found.

Hence: never add something in (essentially) random places that is default 
fallback anyway.  (Obviously the above problem could be solved in a 
different, more complicated, way.  But this is the way it was solved since 
about forever).

If mold doesn't look into {,/usr}/lib{,64} (as appropriate) by default 
then that's the problem of mold.


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