GSoC Separate Host Process Offloading

Thomas Schwinge
Mon Apr 3 20:52:14 GMT 2023

Hi Adi!

I've not been able yet to review your items in detail, but it's very good
that you're discussing your ideas!

At least a few comments:

On 2023-04-01T03:16:28+0000, "Prasad, Adi via Gcc" <> wrote:
> Tobias wrote:
>> [...] permit something like -foffload=host instead of having to
>> specify -foffload=x86_64-none-linux-gnu

Right -- but I'd be happy if initially the latter worked, and then a
'host' variant can be made work incrementally.

> Understood. Forgive me if I'm misunderstanding this, but [...]

No, these are certainly good ideas!  :-) (I can't investigate the details
right now, but surely will, once the time comes.)

Please spend some time on this central question that I'd raised:

| Make some thoughts (or actual experiments) about how we could
| use/implement a separate host process for code offloading.

That is, include in your project proposal (or, discuss here, if there's
still time) your ideas about how to actually implement that.

As Martin wrote, don't worry too much about the specific format of your
application.  It's more important that we're able to see that you're
understanding the scope of the project, timeline, expected difficulties,
and so on.  All within reasonable bounds, of course -- we're all very
well aware of the difficulties of estimating software projects...  Yet,
some plausible timeline, milestones, etc. are necessary in the project

Good luck!

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