[GSOC] few question about Bypass assembler when generating LTO object files

Rishi Raj rishiraj45035@gmail.com
Sat Apr 1 21:35:58 GMT 2023

Hii Everyone,
I had already expressed my interest in the " Bypass assembler when
generating LTO object files" project and making a proposal for the same. I
know I should have done it earlier but I was admitted to the hospital for
past few days :(.
I have a few doubts.

"One problem is that the object files produced by libiberty/simple-object.c
(which is the low-level API used by the LTO code)
are missing some information (such as the architecture info and symbol
table) and API of the simple object will need to be extended to handle
that" I found this in the previous mailing list discussion. So who
output this information currently in the object file, is it assembler?

Also in the current patch for this project by Jan Hubica, from where
are we getting these information from? Is it from crtbegin.o?

"Support in driver to properly execute *1 binary." I found this on Jan
original patch's email. what does it mean



Rishi Raj

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