remove intl/ directory?

Iain Sandoe
Wed Jun 22 20:21:37 GMT 2022

Hi Bruno,

+1 on the C reasons for removing intl.
(however, once we have a rough working patch, it would still need buy-in from GDB + binutils)

> On 21 Jun 2022, at 03:05, Bruno Haible <> wrote:

>> So, indeed, part of this is quite straight forward - we can amend the Makefile.def
>> to specify that GCC should use gettext-runtime (it will be used if the directory is
>> present, otherwise there will be no intl support).
>> The tricky part is that we need to use the runtime ‘uninstalled’, and here is where
>> intl is helpful - it provides a ‘config.intl’ that can be sourced via gettext-sister.m4
>> to provide the neccessary configure input to directories that want to use intl.
>> I have hacked a change to gettext-sister.m4 that fishes the same information out
>> of gettext-runtime/Makefile (as configured in $build) - obviously this is going to be
>> fragile w.r.t different versions of gettext-runtime (so I am not suggesting this is a
>> viable patch) - simply something to illustrate what needs to be figured out.
>> So - the changes are in Makefile.def and config/gettext-sister.m4 (the patch includes
>> the regenerated files for convenience of use).
>> I tried this with gettext-0.21 on macOS 10.15 and, AFAICT, it DTRT - but needs work
>> to resolve the main point above.
> Excellent! Glad to see that you are going ahead so quickly.
> I have now added the necessary support for this "uninstalled" situation from
> the gettext side:
> This is in a form that is maintainable from gettext's side.
> I believe that with this, you can change these lines from gettext-sister.m4
>  USE_NLS=`grep USE_NLS ../gettext-runtime/Makefile|sed s/USE_NLS\ =\ //`
>  LIBICONV=`grep ^LIBICONV ../gettext-runtime/Makefile|sed s/LIBICONV\ =\ //`
>  INTL_MACOSX_LIBS=`grep ^INTL_MACOSX_LIBS ../gettext-runtime/Makefile|sed s/INTL_MACOSX_LIBS\ =\ //`
>  XGETTEXT=`grep XGETTEXT ../gettext-runtime/Makefile|sed s/XGETTEXT\ =\ //`
>  GMSGFMT=`grep GMSGFMT ../gettext-runtime/Makefile|sed s/GMSGFMT\ =\ //`
>  POSUB=`grep POSUB ../gettext-runtime/Makefile|sed s/POSUB\ =\ //`
>  LIBINTL="\${top_builddir}/../gettext-runtime/intl/.libs/libintl.a $LIBICONV $INTL_MACOSX_LIBS"
>  INCINTL="-I\${top_builddir}/../gettext-runtime/intl"
> roughly to this:
>  relative_builddir='${top_builddir}/../gettext-runtime'
>  . ${top_builddir}/../gettext-runtime/

Yes (
# We can use an in-tree build of libintl.
if test -f  ifelse([$1],,[../gettext-runtime],[$1])/; then
  .  ifelse([$1],,[../gettext-runtime],[$1])/
elif test -f  ifelse([$1],,[../intl],[$1])/config.intl; then
  .  ifelse([$1],,[../intl],[$1])/config.intl
and it works ...

… although now I see some configure warnings about not being able to access build-aux (which I do not recall seeing with the previous hack - but that could be just bad memory ;) )


FWIW this following snippet would be just as broken on macOS as other noted platforms - it would need auto-foo-provided shared lib extension - or the equivalent to be used.
…  is there any reason that all platforms with non-’so’ suffixes would not work with that change?

+# LIBINTL is a set of compiler options, to use when linking without libtool,
+# that ensures that the library that contains the *gettext() family of functions
+# gets found.
+if test @USE_INCLUDED_LIBINTL@ = yes; then
+  if test '@ENABLE_SHARED@' = yes; then
+    # NB: This case is not supported on AIX and HP-UX.
+    LIBINTL="${relative_builddir}/intl/.libs/ -Wl,-rpath,${relative_builddir}/intl/.libs @LIBICONV@ @INTL_MACOSX_LIBS@"
+  else
+    LIBINTL="${relative_builddir}/intl/.libs/libintl.a @LIBICONV@ @INTL_MACOSX_LIBS@"
+  fi
+  # The functionality is provided by libc.

> There is also a GCC specific quirk, that I upstreamed into GNU gettext:

IMHO we need to fix this ^ in GCC config - since gettext-runtime accepts “—with-pic” we should amend the GCC configury to pass —with-pic [to GMP et. al. as well, currently to build in-tree with host-shared, needs a manual —with-pic on the configure too]

I added a change that looks at the [host-shared] flag in the top-level configure, it just needs to be moved and used to add the —with-pic flags where needed (where ‘just’ is more than 5mins work, and needs testing widely …)
>> P.S. I am slighty surprised that configuring with —disable-java does not appear to stop
>> the on-screen popup appearing that tells me I need to install Java to use this … that
>> would be an irritation when using this on a headless box.
> Thanks for reporting this; it should be fixed now, through

yes, thanks!

> You find a tarball from the current gettext git, that contains all these
> changes, in .
> Obviously, the GCC documentation will have to say that all this works only
> with GNU gettext 0.22 or newer, i.e. after I make the next release.

Indeed, we can set a minimum version.

I think that we now need to deal with the GCC-side of the configury …

1) add logic [like GMP et. al.] to specify an external source of the library (when there is no-in-tree source present)
2) if the in-tree source is available, I believe that the current status-quo is that it will override anything set with (1).

(1) might be slightly more tricky to do than GMP et. al. since they operate by jamming the -I, -L and -lxxx into the CFLAGS/LDFLAGS, where the in-tree intl scheme inserts the information into the configured variables, so we would need to emulate that for an installed libintl.


Anyways, it’s 10.4 release time so all my resources (machines and time) are tied up with that - so probably nothing happening on this (from me at least) until that release (and my darwin-specific follow-on) is done.

thanks for working on this!

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