remove intl/ directory?

Bruno Haible
Tue Jun 21 02:05:29 GMT 2022

Hi Iain,

> So, indeed, part of this is quite straight forward - we can amend the Makefile.def
> to specify that GCC should use gettext-runtime (it will be used if the directory is
> present, otherwise there will be no intl support).
> The tricky part is that we need to use the runtime ‘uninstalled’, and here is where
> intl is helpful - it provides a ‘config.intl’ that can be sourced via gettext-sister.m4
> to provide the neccessary configure input to directories that want to use intl.
> I have hacked a change to gettext-sister.m4 that fishes the same information out
> of gettext-runtime/Makefile (as configured in $build) - obviously this is going to be
> fragile w.r.t different versions of gettext-runtime (so I am not suggesting this is a
> viable patch) - simply something to illustrate what needs to be figured out.
> So - the changes are in Makefile.def and config/gettext-sister.m4 (the patch includes
> the regenerated files for convenience of use).
> I tried this with gettext-0.21 on macOS 10.15 and, AFAICT, it DTRT - but needs work
> to resolve the main point above.

Excellent! Glad to see that you are going ahead so quickly.

I have now added the necessary support for this "uninstalled" situation from
the gettext side:;a=commitdiff;h=6f048e30a88282ed6712ce8d6000302fd287daad
This is in a form that is maintainable from gettext's side.

I believe that with this, you can change these lines from gettext-sister.m4

  USE_NLS=`grep USE_NLS ../gettext-runtime/Makefile|sed s/USE_NLS\ =\ //`
  LIBICONV=`grep ^LIBICONV ../gettext-runtime/Makefile|sed s/LIBICONV\ =\ //`
  INTL_MACOSX_LIBS=`grep ^INTL_MACOSX_LIBS ../gettext-runtime/Makefile|sed s/INTL_MACOSX_LIBS\ =\ //`
  XGETTEXT=`grep XGETTEXT ../gettext-runtime/Makefile|sed s/XGETTEXT\ =\ //`
  GMSGFMT=`grep GMSGFMT ../gettext-runtime/Makefile|sed s/GMSGFMT\ =\ //`
  POSUB=`grep POSUB ../gettext-runtime/Makefile|sed s/POSUB\ =\ //`
  LIBINTL="\${top_builddir}/../gettext-runtime/intl/.libs/libintl.a $LIBICONV $INTL_MACOSX_LIBS"

roughly to this:

  . ${top_builddir}/../gettext-runtime/

There is also a GCC specific quirk, that I upstreamed into GNU gettext:;a=commitdiff;h=fdc2bd236a6a62b477c1fca4205df10b0e64266b

> P.S. I am slighty surprised that configuring with —disable-java does not appear to stop
> the on-screen popup appearing that tells me I need to install Java to use this … that
> would be an irritation when using this on a headless box.

Thanks for reporting this; it should be fixed now, through;a=commitdiff;h=971dcbdbebb05d7ae8aa6399a0c79442fa996c5c

You find a tarball from the current gettext git, that contains all these
changes, in .
Obviously, the GCC documentation will have to say that all this works only
with GNU gettext 0.22 or newer, i.e. after I make the next release.


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