GSoC Blog Post 0 - GCCprefab build system

Jonathan Wakely
Mon Jun 13 15:26:59 GMT 2022

On Mon, 13 Jun 2022 at 14:34, Wileam Yonatan Phan wrote:
> Hi Jonathan,
> Thanks for the feedback. Regarding the linked page <
> if you're referring to the part that tells you to use your distro's package
> manager, yes that's indeed the simplest way to install GCC, but from pre-built
> binaries, not building directly from sources. But if you're referring to the
> example at the bottom of the page,

Yes, that's what I mean.

> this script does exactly that, but the build
> process is automated based on the build configuration file.

Yes, it does that, but takes 400 lines of shell script to do so.

If you want "relatively easy ways to build GCC painlessly" then you
can do it with nine lines of shell commands.

Or in about 80, for any non-prehistoric version, with no config file
needed (just a single option to the script, the release number or
snapshot name to build):

My point is just that there are already easier ways to do it, not only
by using spack or the OpenCoarrays build script.

N.B. your
config file says "Latest GCC 12 Release" but actually builds from the
tip of the branch, not a release.

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