[PATCH] Mass rename of C++ .c files to .cc suffix

Martin Liška mliska@suse.cz
Tue Jan 11 15:50:02 GMT 2022

On 1/11/22 16:48, Toon Moene wrote:
> On 1/11/22 13:56, Martin Liška wrote:
>> Patch can bootstrap on x86_64-linux-gnu and survives regression tests.
>> Plus it survives build of all FEs (--enable-languages=all) on x86_64-linux-gnu
>> and I've built all cross compilers.
> Does this also rename .c files in the fortran and libgfortran directories ?


Yes, it does the first one.

> I would recommend to send this message to the fortran@gcc.gnu.org list too, then.
> Not everyone reads the gcc and gcc-patches lists ...

CCing the list now.


> Kind regards,

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