Issue with a flag that I defined getting set to zero

Gary Oblock
Mon Jan 10 19:53:15 GMT 2022


That's nice to know but I added the option itself months ago.
Also, it's on the lto1 command line, cc1 command line and
shows up in the COLLECT_GCC_OPTIONS so I assume
it universally applied.


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On Fri, Jan 7, 2022 at 9:12 AM Gary Oblock via Gcc <> wrote:
> An optimization flag that I recently added is being
> set to zero in push_cfun (which after a couple of
> levels of calls cl_optimization_restore to this.)
> The flag defined like this:
> finterleaving-index-32-bits
> Common Var(flag_interleaving_index_32_bits) Init(0) Optimization
> Structure reorganization optimization, instance interleaving.
> Note, I'm working around this but l'd really like
> to not have to do so therefore I'm wondering if somebody
> could explain what's happening and what I'd need
> to do instead?

Did you rebuild all of GCC after adding the option?  Note that when you
look at the option from LTO and from within an IPA pass then you
have to use opt_for_fn (..) since the "global" option at link time will
be not set (unless you specify it again at link time), it will be only
present on the functions of the compile TU it was set globally.

> Thanks,
> Gary
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