Mass rename of C++ .c files to .cc suffix?

Iain Sandoe
Fri Jan 7 14:42:31 GMT 2022

> On 7 Jan 2022, at 12:55, Martin Liška <> wrote:
> On 1/7/22 12:05, Jonathan Wakely via Gcc wrote:
>> References to .cc files in the commit message won't get changed to .c
>> automatically, but maybe the gcc-backport alias could be taught to do
>> that.

> +1 for me. I'm willing to extend gcc-backport script to support renaming
> files in the commit messages

+1 for me if the backport workflow is confirmed to be OK (I mainly cherry-
pick manually, so accept i might need to edit the commit-log, or learn to use
the script ;) ).


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