LPC and other questions ?

Martin Jambor mjambor@suse.cz
Wed Oct 27 15:45:14 GMT 2021


On Mon, Oct 25 2021, Joseph Watanabe wrote:
> Hello and good morning,
> Recently I had the privilege of stumbling upon a few of the videos on
> youtube. I really found them helpful, and learned quite a bit. I will
> say I probably have to watch them a few more times to even begin to
> have a level of understanding that everyone had years ago.... Anyway,
> there are a few things I noticed and wanted to reach out.
> From the list of sponsors, I thought the company that I work with
> would be one as well, but more than likely there are no one aware.. I
> am not in any position to make any decisions on that level at all, but
> I don't think it would hurt if you could describe to me the process
> and I could forward that information to someone.. somewhere..

The toolchain track at the LPC has started as a replacement of an
otherwise in-person conference called GNU Tools Cauldron in times when
in-person events are difficult to organize.  Many of us hope that we
will have a Cauldron again next year, I am not sure what it will mean
for the track at LPC.  It might not happen.

If you think your employer would be interested in sponsoring the
Cauldron, please reach out to tools-cauldron-admin@googlegroups.com.

If you are interested in an LPC track only, you'll have to find some
equivalent contact at the https://linuxplumbersconf.org page.

> Anyway, I was also wondering about rust ? I have not used it yet,
> usually I use gcc/gcc-c++/gcc-gfortran for most cases. Is there
> another webpage I could check out also?

The rust FE team publishes a regular (monthly?) report on their
progress, the last one is at:


Hope this helps,


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