GSoC: Intention to apply to GSoC'22(GCC)

Martin Jambor
Tue Oct 12 13:10:32 GMT 2021


sorry for a late reply.  I was traveling and in various meetings over
the course of the last two weeks and could not pay as much attention to
email as I would have liked to.  Nevertheless, we are delighted you
found contributing to GCC interesting.

On Sun, Sep 26 2021, mir imnan via Gcc wrote:
> Hello there,
> I want to contribute to GCC through next year's GSoC program. I'm a 2nd
> year engineering student, and I've been interested in compiler dev for
> quite some time now. Until now, I've implemented a high level PL(Zeta-lang
> <>) and I'm now trying to write a C
> compiler in Ruby(rubyC <>).

Indeed quite interesting.

> At this point, I can build the GCC from source and have read some internal
> docs. I want someone to help me to figure out the codebase and select a
> project idea that's appropriate for me (given my experience).

You have already reached the right place to ask questions about the
codebase.  Just email it to the gcc mailing list.  Alternatively, ask it
on the #gcc irc channel ( if you
prefer more real-time communication.

Regarding project ideas, that really depends on what you are interested
in.  GCC is a big project and you need to find the part that interests
you most.  If you like to work on the front-end (parsing) side of
things, I know that Fortran guys are always looking for someone to help
them out.  On the optimization and code-generation side of things,
potential projects are usually a bit bigger and more complex and so we
do not advertise them as much for GSoC, so I don't have a good proposal
right now, but we should be able to come up with something.  (Also, so
far I do not know the scope of GSoC 22 projects, I expect Google to
announce that on November 5th.)

In general, I expect all the projects on our GSoC wiki
( that were not successfully
tacked this year to be on the list next year again.

I'm looking forward to seeing you on the mailing list and/or IRC,


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