Interested In extend the static analysis pass

David Malcolm
Wed Mar 31 14:14:17 GMT 2021

On Wed, 2021-03-31 at 16:59 +0530, Gagandeep Bhatia via Gcc wrote:
> Hey Team GNU Compiler, I'm Gagandeep Bhatia, currently pursuing the
> 2nd year at Christ University, Bangalore, India. You can reach me at
> <>
> or +919466935025.
> I went through your upcoming projects on Google Summer of Code, your
> idea on  extend the static analysis pass is really impressive. 

Thank you.

> Right now the code is in GCC’s master branch for GCC 10 and can be
> tried out on Compiler Explorer, aka It works well for
> small and medium-sized examples, but there are bugs that mean it’s
> not ready for production use. I’m working hard on fixing things in
> the hope that the feature will be meaningfully usable for C code.

You seem to have simply copied and pasted the above three sentences
from my March 2020 blog post on the analyzer.

As Jonathan notes, the code has substantially changed since the GCC 10

>  I truly want to become part of this project for better mutual
> achievement, in the past, I have done a few projects, which will help
> me to contribute my best in this project.
> It will be really kind if you can share some more details about your
> project, so I learn more about your project.
> with regards.

There are some more concrete ideas about the analyzer on the wiki page
and there is a link there to the wiki page about the analyzer which has
lots more information.

You may want to read the archives of this mailing list, where some of
those ideas are discussed in more detail with other prospective GSoC

Hope this is constructive

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