Remove RMS from the GCC Steering Committee

JeanHeyd Meneide
Wed Mar 31 08:15:08 GMT 2021

Dear Alfred and Alexandre,

     It seems that neither of you would like to offer any evidence
that counteracts what I have already been given by multiple
individuals. Furthermore,

> A misguided person thought that reciprocating the doxxing against RMS
> was a good way to defend him.  It's not

> The claims about doxxing, etc, are entierly untrue and unfounded.

Either this happened, or it didn't. Alexandre says that some doxxing,
possibly in retaliation to original doxxing, occurred. Alfred says
everything is unfounded and untrue, point blank, no details. I do not
know which of you to believe, which mix is true, and at this point I
don't think I want to know because it's incredibly clear nobody wants
to be publicly clear about it, even after my offer to have the details
sent to me so I can have an informed opinion and not a piecemeal

     Okay, fine.

     I support Nathan's inquiry.

Best of luck,

On Wed, Mar 31, 2021 at 3:14 AM Alfred M. Szmidt <> wrote:
> I ("new moderator") won't recount what happened, it is neither here,
> or there, but Mark is presenting a very biased view of what occured,
> and also one of the reasons why he no longer is a moderator.
> The claims about doxxing, etc, are entierly untrue and unfounded.

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