Remove RMS from the GCC Steering Committee

Alexandre Oliva
Wed Mar 31 01:57:38 GMT 2021

On Mar 30, 2021, JeanHeyd Meneide via Gcc <> wrote:

>      My problem is Dr. Richard M. Stallman stands credibly and
> factually accused of Doxxing and GCC contributor/participant and
> knowingly manipulating the project for his own personal reasons.

This accusation is outright false, beyond any possible doubt.

A misguided person thought that reciprocating the doxxing against RMS
was a good way to defend him.  It's not.

The message went through because there is no censorship regime in effect.

RMS asked the unacceptable post to be deleted from the archives hosted
in GNU servers as soon as he learned about it.

I did not check whether that was done.  If you have any evidence that it
wasn't, please let me know.

That you got confirmation of a false claim from multiple developers you
talked to should now have you doubting other of their allegations.

If you look into them outside the attacking coalition, you *will* find
them to be built on just as flaky foundations.

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