Remove RMS from the GCC Steering Committee

Richard Kenner
Tue Mar 30 12:37:58 GMT 2021

> I respect that you want stay out of the discussion, but I think that to
> present this as some larger societal issue which is somewhat academic
> is wrong. 

Sorry, I didn't mean to say or imply that.  What I meant to say is
that the very specific discussion we're having in this forum *mirrors*
the similar discussion that society is having in that the same issues
that are being discussed here are also being discussed there.

> And I hate to point to others, because I know these people, who
> worked closely with RMS, will get harassed to "proof" their
> allegations or will be told that since they were not physically
> attacked it doesn't count as harassment.

This is exactly what I mean by the need to draw a line.  At what point
does somebody's behavior rise to the level where it's necessary to
take action?  In other words, I think the question is less in understanding
what RMS's behavior has been (I suspect most people would agree on that),
but what the appropriate consequences of that behavior should be.

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