Remove RMS from the GCC Steering Committee

Mark Wielaard
Sun Mar 28 18:13:27 GMT 2021


On Sun, Mar 28, 2021 at 10:33:15AM -0400, JeanHeyd Meneide wrote:
>      This is unacceptable. The only reason I was told - as early as
> yesterday, by Free Software advocates, to my socially distanced face -
> that Stallman was still here is because he was powerless and had no
> effect on the project. That it was run by the caring,
> community-oriented stewardship of the "real volunteers" doing the
> "actual work".

I do not think those people were lying or trying to deceive you. This
is what we hope the actual situation is. But...

>      Further digging into Stallman's own words and behavior also
> reveals that he continues to flex this influence throughout the
> project (and in other places), showing up (generally unsolicited) into
> places to do this kind of gross and extreme harassment and engaging in
> canceling our own hardworking contributors that actually write code
> and do work. This is not a person who is just here for "historical
> reasons" and who has "no power"; this is an active, perpetual threat
> to hardworking and contributing members of the Free Software movement.

He does indeed show up randomly claiming authority even if the GNU
community has told him no. And it is important to say upfront he has
no authority and that his attempts to cancel the work of hardworking
GNU contributors is unwelcome. IMHO for the GCC community this means
to be explicit he doesn't have any authority and he shouldn't be on
the GCC steering committee.

>       I will never, ever contribute another line of code, another
> proposal implementation[6], another optimization, or another
> new/better library implementation to GCC and all of its affiliated
> projects, including the compilers, glibc, libstdc++, the potential
> upcoming Rust implementation, and more until this problem is not
> "address", but *fixed*. If you never fix it, I will never return.
> Wish you and your community all the best in sorting this out,

Thanks. I do hope we can finally fix this and welcome you back.



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