Manish Sahani
Sat Mar 20 12:23:12 GMT 2021


I'm a  student at Delhi Technological University, and interested in
contributing to the *Make cp-demangle non-recursive* and *Fortran improved
argument compile-time checking*. Before reaching out here In the past week
I have gone through most of the introduction wiki on building and testing,
some wikis on the structure of gcc, have played around with configure
script (explored various options), build the code multiple times, and ran
test cases.

My previous intern at adobe included some work to analyze the MSVC manglers
and so I'm very interested in the cp-demangle project and I also want to
work on the improvement of compile-time argument. So, If somebody can
redirect me to the starting point that would be very helpful.

Also, while compiling without bootstrapping. I ran into an error (screenshot
of the error
couldn't find why this happened, any comments on that would be appreciated.

Manish Sahani | linkedin@manishsahani <>
| github@kalkayan <>

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