Failing in generated file options.c

Martin Liška
Tue Mar 16 08:52:26 GMT 2021

On 3/16/21 3:39 AM, Gary Oblock via Gcc wrote:
> Guys,
> I checked out a fresh copy of the GCC sources today, applied somebodies
> patch to it and voila!
> options.c:13591:2: error: #error Report option property is dropped #error Report option property is dropped
> I built this the same minimally convoluted way that I always do.
> cd $1
> BASE=`pwd`
> echo BASE = $BASE
> touch objdir install
> rm -rf objdir install
> mkdir objdir install
> cd objdir
> echo BUILDING IN `pwd`
> ../sources/configure --prefix=$BASE/install --disable-bootstrap -enable-language=c,c++,lto --disable-multilib --enable-valgrind-annotations
> make CFLAGS='-O2 -g' CXXFLAGS='-O2 -g' -j 12
> make install
> The file option.c is generated in objdir/gcc by an awk script:
> mawk -f ../../sources/gcc/opt-functions.awk -f ../../sources/gcc/opt-read.awk \
>         -f ../../sources/gcc/optc-gen.awk \
>         -v header_name="config.h system.h coretypes.h options.h tm.h" < optionlist > options.c
> Does anyone  have any idea what's going to here?


As already mentioned, the error message appeared in 5137d1ae6a1fe4a3ff8b5983f6e4d9aeb69e5486:

     Remove Report keyword for options
     Since g:7caa49706316e650fb67719e1a1bf3a35054b685 the option is ignored
     as we print used command line for -fverbose-asm output.
             * doc/options.texi: Remove Report keyword.
             * opt-functions.awk: Print error when Report keyword
             is used.
             * optc-gen.awk: Do not handle Report keyword.
             * opts.h (struct cl_option): Remove cl_report bitfield flag.

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