GSoC 2021 - Static analyzer project

Ankur Saini
Mon Mar 8 11:13:06 GMT 2021

> On 06-Mar-2021, at 6:05 AM, David Malcolm <> wrote:
> If you run the analyzer on your own code, and can trigger a false
> positive or a false negative with the analyzer on it, and try to figure
> out the issue, that could be a useful step (though it might turn out to
> be a difficult one to fix, of course…)

ok, I will see what can I do

> There is a tracker bug for C++ support in the analyzer here:
> <>
> though obviously that would be actually doing the project itself.
> To set expectations of what's reasonable to do in one summer - I don't
> expect someone to be able to fully implement C++ support in one GSoC
> project; for example, both of
>  (a) implementing exception-handling and
>  (b) implementing RTTI/vfuncs
> are each probably big enough by themselves to take all summer.  So you
> might want to pick one of those two to focus on (there are some notes
> on each in the bugzilla comments).

thanks, I will go through them and see what suites me best

>> - Is there anything else I should be aware of before applying ?
> I think if you've read the internals doc and the various organization
> stuff on <> page you're on the right
> lines.

good to hear that, so I will continue to understand the source code with help of internal docs for now and will report back when I would have successfully triggered a false positive or false negative with the analyser with it’s cause ( and if possible the fix also )

> Hope this is helpful; good luck!

> Dave

thanks again,


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