GSoC 2021 - Static analyzer project

David Malcolm
Sat Mar 6 00:35:04 GMT 2021

On Fri, 2021-03-05 at 17:04 +0530, Ankur Saini via Gcc wrote:
> Hello,

Hi Ankur

> While looking for some project to contribute on for GSOC 2021, I came
> across project about extending static analyser pass, especially the
> part that involve adding C++ support to it.
> I have already used -fanalyzer option ( which I initially came to
> know about via some blog post ) a couple of times to make debugging
> process of some of my C projects easier and faster ( especially
> thanks to the part where it also provides CWE code of the error along
> with the error message )  but always wanted a C++ version of it ever
> since ( as that is the language I use the most ), and finding it as a
> project idea for this years GSOC sounded a perfect opportunity for me
> to try and contribute something to this project.
> I have already built the compiler from the source code and was able
> to run a testsuit for it as mentioned in “Before you apply” section
> of the “Summer Of Code” page of gcc (   
> <   
> currently I am in process of reading this (    
>  <   
> >) documentation to understand how things are going on under the hood
> and trying to make sense out of the source code of the analyzer
> itself with the help of it.

Sounds great.

> I have some questions before applying
> - Am I on right path before applying for the project ? 

What you're doing sounds like the right approach.

> - Is there a way I can contribute some small bug fixes before
> applying for the real project itself 
> ( although I am scanning the bug tracker(   
>  <   
> >) for any potential quick fix but any help in finding one would be a
> great ) ? 

I fear that at this point I've fixed all the easy bugs and it's only
the more difficult ones remaining :(

If you run the analyzer on your own code, and can trigger a false
positive or a false negative with the analyzer on it, and try to figure
out the issue, that could be a useful step (though it might turn out to
be a difficult one to fix, of course...)

There is a tracker bug for C++ support in the analyzer here:
though obviously that would be actually doing the project itself.

To set expectations of what's reasonable to do in one summer - I don't
expect someone to be able to fully implement C++ support in one GSoC
project; for example, both of
  (a) implementing exception-handling and
  (b) implementing RTTI/vfuncs
are each probably big enough by themselves to take all summer.  So you
might want to pick one of those two to focus on (there are some notes
on each in the bugzilla comments).

> - Is there anything else I should be aware of before applying ?

I think if you've read the internals doc and the various organization
stuff on page you're on the right

Hope this is helpful; good luck!


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