Reg. Assistance in development of code for OS
Thu Mar 4 09:00:32 GMT 2021


My OS project has a very long history (I started with it in 1988) and it 
is running on 1000s of installations. Thus, it's a pretty mature 
project. Doing something meaningful on the kernel side requires a lot of 
knowledge of how it operates, and I'm afraid there is no more 
documentation than what is on my homepage (, 
and you would need to read the source code for the rest. Also, most of 
the kernel code is in x86 assembler using segmentation. Still, I could 
of course give you advice on things. Note that this is not an academic 
project, rather started as a hobby project and now is part of commercial 
software. It's not Posix or Unix-like, nor Windows-like, rather was 
designed from scratch.

The only project idea I currently have is to move the file system 
drivers to a new operational model which I discussed here:

Leif Ekblad


On 2021-03-04 07:02, Suhan Gautam via Gcc wrote:
> Dear Sir,
> I am persuing B. Tech. in Computer Science from a reputed College in 
> Delhi
> NCR. I have domain knowledge of software languages like Java, Python, 
> PHP,
> C ++, C. In addition I Am adept in DBase related softwares like Oracle. 
> I
> would request your kind self to provide me an opportunity to iro coding 
> in
> OS softwares. This will definitely help me in developing my skills in 
> this
> niche field.
> Thanking you,
> With best regards,
> Suhan Gautam.

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